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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the types of lookup cache?

Persistent cache: U can save the look up cache files and reuse them the next time the informatica server processes a lookup transformation to use the cache.

Static cache: U can configure a static or read-only lookup table.By default informatica server creates a static cache.It caches the lookup table and lookup values in the cache for each row that comes into the transformation.When the lookup condition is true the inforamtica server does not update the cache while it processes the lookup transformation.

Dynamic cache: If you want to cache the target table and insert new rows into cache and the target you can create a look up transformation to use dynamic cache.The informatica server dynamically inserts data into the target table.

Shared cache:
You can share the lookup cache between multiple transformations.You can share unnamed cache between transformation in the same mapping.

2) Difference between static cache and dynamic cache?

Static cache

Dynamic cache

You cannot insert or update the cache

You can insert rows into the cache as you pass rows to the target

The informatica server returns a value from the lookup table or cache when the condition is true,.When the condition is true the informatica server returns the default value for connected transformation

The informatica server inserts rows into the cache when the condition is false.This indicates that the row in the cache or target table.You can pass these rows to the target table.

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