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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Health insurance Schema

Health insurance database

This example illustrates a star schema used for claims analysis by a health care insurance company. This database records policy sales and claims and maintains records of customers, their policies, and claims against those policies.

Schema for health insurance company

A second example in the health care field illustrates a schema that tracks member claims and authorizations, with many dimensions that include patients and provider information, diagnoses, services performed, and other dimensions of the business.

This schema has two fact tables: Claim, a star, and Authorization, a multistar with a single-column primary key and multiple foreign keys that are not part of the primary key. Any combination of foreign key values can be present multiple times in the Authorization table. The primary key values uniquely identify each row. Both tables have many foreign keys that reference the numerous dimension tables.

In this figure, the primary keys for each table are in boldface, and only the primary keys and foreign keys are labeled. Other attributes within the tables are not shown. Because of the many dimension tables, the many-to-one lines that match the foreign keys in the fact table with the primary keys in the dimension tables are not drawn.

Multistar schema for health insurance company with multiple dimension tables