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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the target load order?

You specify the target load order based on source qualifiers in a mapping.if u have the multiple source qualifiers connected to the multiple targets you can designate the order in which informatica server loads data into the targets.

2) what is default join that source qualifier provides?

Inner equi join.

what are the difference between joiner transformation and source qualifier transformation?

You can join heterogeneous data sources in joiner transformation, which we cannot achive in source qualifier transformation.

You need matching keys to join two relational sources in source qualifier transformation.where you doesn’t need matching keys to join two sources.

Two relational sources should come from same data source in source qualifier.You can join relational sources, which are coming from different sources in source qualifier.You can join relational sources which are coming from different sources also.

what is update strategy transformation?

Whenever you create the target table whether you are store the historical data or current transaction data in to target table.

5) Describe two levels in which update strategy transformation sets?
1) Using Update strategy Trasformation in The Mapping
2) Using Target Table options at the Session.

6) what is default source option for update strategy transformation?

Data driven.

What is data driven?

The information server follows instructions coded into update strategy transformations with in the session mapping determine how to flag records for insert,update,delete or reject if u do not choose data driven option setting , the informatica server ignores all update strategy transformations in the mapping.

8) what are the options in the trarget session of update strategy transformation?




Update as update

Update as insert

Update else insert

Truncate table.

Difference between the source filter and filter?

Source filter is filtering the data only relational sources. Where as filter transformation filter the data any type of source.

what is a tracing level?

Amount of information sent to log file.

Types of tracing levels:

Normal,Terse,verbose data,verbose intitialization.

11) Expalin sequence generator transformation?

This is of type passive Transformation which is use to generate sequence Numbers that is treated as Primary Key.

This Transformation is created with two default OutPuts.

1) Next Val
2)Curr Val

Here We can not create the new ports or Edit the existing Ports.

12) can you connect multiple ports from one group to multiple transformations?



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