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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

1) can you connect more than one group to the same target or transformation?


2) what is a reusable transformation?

Reusable transformation can be a single transformation.This transformation can be used in multiple mappings.when you need to incorporate this transformation into mapping you add an instance of it to mapping.Later if you change the definition of the transformation, all instances of it inherit the changes.Since the instance of reusable transformation is a pointer to that transformation.U can change the transformation in the transformation developer, its instance automatically reflect these changes. This feature can save U great deal of work.

The methods for creating reusable transformation

Two methods

1) Design it in the transformation developer.

2) Promote a standard transformation from the mapping designer.After you add a transformation to the mapping, you can promote it to status of reusable transformation.

Once you promote a standard transformation to reusable status, you can demote it to a standard transformation at any time.

If you change the properties of a reusable transformation in mapping , you can revert it to the original reusable transformation properties by clicking the revert.

3) what are mapping parameters and mapping variables?

Mapping parameter represents a constant value that you can define before running a session.A mapping parameter retains the same value throughout the entire session.

When you use the mapping parameter , you declare and use the parameter in a Mapping or Mapplet.Then define the value of parameter in a parameter file for the session.

Unlike a mapping parameter, a mapping variable represents a value that can change through out the session. The informatica server save the value of mapping variable to the repository at the end of session run and uses that value next time you run the session.

can you use the mapping parameters or variables created in one mapping into another mapping?

NO, we can use mapping parameters or variables in any transformation of the same mapping or mapplet in which have crated mapping parameters or variables.

5) Can you Use the mapping parameters or variables created in one mapping into any other result transformation?

Yes because the reusable transformation is not contained with any mapplet or mapping.

6) How the informatica server sorts the string values in rank transformation?

When the informatica server runs in the ASCII data movement mode it sorts session data using binary sort order.If you configures the session to use a binary sort order, the informatica server calculates the binary value of each string and returns the specified number of rows with the highest binary values for the string.

What is the rank index in rank transformation?

The designer automatically creates a RANKINDEX port for each Rank transformation. The informatica server uses the Rank Index port to store the ranking position for each record in a group.For example, if you create a Rank transformation that ranks the top 5 sales persons for each quarter, the rank index number the salespeople from 1 to 5.

what is the mapplet?

Mapplet is a set of transformation that you build in the mapplet designer and you can use in multiple mappings.

Difference between mapplet and reusable transformation?

Reusable transformation can be a single transformation.Where as mapplet use multiple transformations.

what is a parameter a file?

Paramater file defines the values for parameter and variables.


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